Here you can find information about Sabbaticals at Grace Community Church.

You can download our Sabbatical Policy for Staff, Pastor Henry’s Sabbatical 2021 FAQ, Pastor Henry’s Sabbatical Prayer List, and the worksheet used by both Pastor Henry and the Elders as they plan their Sabbaticals. Here is a link to the report from one of our NCD EFCA District Staff, Dave Linde, and what he learned from his sabbatical. The book “For God’s Sake Rest” by Jim Anderson and other resources for Sabbath can be found on his website There is a letter from Broom Tree Ministries to Church Leadership talking about Sabbaticals, their importance, and also about their ministry to Pastors and wives. Other resources such as books or other tools to aid in planning a sabbatical may be added in the future, so check back often or ask one of the Elders for help in planning a Sabbath Rest or Sabbatical.

You are encouraged to use any of these resources in planning your own Sabbatical. Though it may not look the same, the heart principles still apply. Perhaps you can set aside 2-3 days or more of vacation to give this a try. Even purposing to put some of this into practice one day a month will yield HUGE benefits for both you and those around you.

Blessings on the Journey of Rest…

Pastor Henry and the Elders of Grace Community Church