Dependent prayer...


We value prayer as continual communication with God through the Holy Spirit and we persistently seek a vital, abiding relationship with the Heavenly Father based on humility and dependence and we value genuine worship as a way of life, by lifting God up in all we say and do. (Phil. 4:6-7, Col. 4:2, 1 Thess. 5:17, John 14:13-14, Matt. 18:19-20, Luke 10:38-42, John 15) (Rom. 12:1-2, II Chr. 7:1-3, Is 6:1-8, 1 Kings 18:36-39, Ps. 27:4-6, John 4:23-24, Ps. 19, Ps. 95)

Monthly Prayer Vigil...

Our monthly prayer vigil is typicallt on the first Thurday of the month from 7 AM - 9 PM. 

Submit a prayer request below if you would like us to pray for you or if you are in need of counsel you can submit a Pastoral Care request...

Pray for our Leaders...

Pray that the Elders, Deacons, and Ministry Leaders at Grace will abide in Christ and that the Holy Spirit will be at work in their hearts and minds, teaching them and transforming them into Christ-likeness. Pray for strength to withstand the enemy, and obedience to God and His Word. Pray for effective and joy-filled ministry, and compassion for the Church. Pray that God will be the center of marriages and families.

Pray for our Ministries...

Pray for the ministries of Grace. Ask God to bless each one and make them fruitful for His Kingdom. Pray that staff and volunteer leaders would be genuinely committed to ministry and led by the Holy Spirit to serve effectively. Pray that the Gospel would be clearly communicated through words and actions. Pray that lives will be changed and needs met through each ministry.

Pray and Watch...

God opens doors in the lives of people as we pray prayers of faith and watch to see what God will do. Pray this simple prayer for the people you come in contact with throughout the day – at work, school, in your neighborhood, at the store, or wherever you go. Then watch to see how God is working in lives – theirs & yours!

Father, please send your Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of these people. Draw them to Jesus and make them kingdom workers.

Praying Scripture...

Praying scripture is the practice of using God’s Word as the foundation for shaping our prayers for communion with Him and for intercession for others. It is simply communicating with Him in His own words. So many times we do not have the words to adequately express our thoughts, feelings, or emotions; His Word allows us to express those in keeping with His heart.

Nehemiah 8:5-6 - Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

5 Ezra opened the book in full view of all the people, since he was elevated above everyone. As he opened it, all the people stood up. 6 Ezra praised the Lord, the great God, and with their hands uplifted all the people said, “Amen, Amen!” Then they bowed down and worshiped the Lord with their faces to the ground.


What is prayerwalking?

God is stirring us to take our prayers beyond the walls of our church buildings. As we put feet to our prayers, we’re beginning to pray with huge kingdom-sized hope for entire cities.

Prayerwalking: Praying On-Site With Insight

We’ve come to call this sort of on-site intercession “prayerwalking.” It’s simply praying in the very places that we expect God to bring forth His answers.

The prayers are intercessory rather than devotional. Prayerwalkers learn to pray beyond their own concerns, focusing prayer on behalf of their neighbors.

Prayerwalking is usually a low-profile affair: Friends or family stroll two-by-two through their own neighborhoods, schools and work places, praying as they go. There are some occasions when the prayer should be demonstrative, but usually it’s being on the scene without making one. Though they usually walk unnoticed, prayerwalkers quickly become aware of the realities and needs of their neighbors.

Why is God raising up prayerwalking now?

God is swamping Christians with hope. It’s a huge hope; something like a collective holy hunch that He’s about to do some of the finest displays of city-wide salvation. Prayer has always been God’s way of putting His name on future events. He’s positioning us to pray larger things by giving these things very specific attachment to places and people.

Perhaps prayerwalking is a way that God is granting us a good look at the “Before” portrait of our cities. When days of great harvest come about, we will clearly see a very different “After” picture, and praise him all the more exuberantly.

Fulfilling Our “Seek and Save” Mission

Prayerwalking certainly isn’t the only way God is calling us to pray, but it may be the best way to be sure we have prayed for every person of our land. No list includes all of the homeless, or every child, or the transient, or fresh immigrants, or many others. If we are serious about praying for every person, it will require systematic, sustained prayerwalking as an important part of our praying.

I’m convinced that Christ is fulfilling His “seek and save” mission (Luke 19:10). Our part of that mission involves seeking people. He will do the saving. Prayerwalking may be the simplest way for us to seek people. Our prayers are without question God’s preferred way to save people, because He is honored and thanked with every answer to prayer.

How to prayerwalk - Praying On-Site With Insight

In hundreds of cities around the world, God is helping Christians to pray as they pass through the streets of their communities. We’ve come to use the word “prayerwalking” to describe this kind of on-site intercession.

As you prayerwalk, your prayers extend beyond your own concerns, focusing directly on the needs of others and opening yourself to see them with God’s eyes and heart.

Pray with a Partner.

You can prayerwalk alone, but many find that their prayers are more focused when expressed with a friend.

Pray audibly for clarity and better agreement.

As you finish, discuss – or even write down – the prayers, people, and places of most importance. You’ll be ready for the next round of on-site prayer.

Pray with God’s Spirit.

Invite the Spirit of God to accompany you, guiding your steps and your words.

Be attentive during moments of silence, allowing the Holy Spirit to help you see with His eyes and pray in accordance with His heart.

Address God directly when contending with evil or its aftermath. Ask God to redeem people as he restrains the enemy.

Pray with God’s Word.

Read Scripture aloud. God breathed it and loves to bless it.

Express God’s thoughts in your own words.

Carry Scripture with you. Use a small Bible, or note cards.

Choose a particular verse or theme as a base for your prayers throughout one day’s prayerwalk. Use another to launch your prayers the next day, and so on.

Pray with Purpose.

Pray for the present-hour needs of people and places that you see.

Sketch a map to focus on select streets and homes.

Pray quietly. You can be on the scene without making one.

In confidence of God’s unfolding purpose which includes your preparation prayer, don’t look to initiate gospel conversations during your prayerwalk. Pray for God to open doors of communication soon.

Explain what you are doing to inquirers: “We’re praying God’s blessing on the neighborhood. Are there specific ways we can pray for you or others?”

Be persistent. Try prayerwalking the same areas near your work, school or home in a regular way. You’ll often find that your prayers deepen and your concern and awareness of God’s heart for people increases.